The Long Con EP


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released May 1, 2013



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ON BODIES plays dark, seething, highly-critical hardcore with a snarl.

Featuring current and ex members of Culture, As Friends Rust, Terror and Morning Again.

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Track Name: We Carrion
We are raised, then we are razed.
In between we strive for praise, but he who prays preys.
The righteous never right just talk the talk of love.
Dividing, sub-dividing as they claw their ways above.

Sick of empty promise, in spite of nothing done
Still we carry on. Still, we carrion.
Fight for our convictions, but too right makes us wrong.
Still we carry on. Still, we carrion.
Accept everyone, except everyone.
Never a part, always apart.
Look busy.

Inaction in action.
Still we carrion.
Track Name: Decompression Here
Yes, it's all been said. It's all been done.

I remember what I read: "Decompression here"
Tightened up instead, until "Bang!" - like a shot to the chest.

Said that it's alright. It's how it's got to be.
Keep it all inside. Don't let no one...

Catch you with no bone to pick, or just riding with the tide.
You're supposed to be making yourself sick with undeserving pride.

Pent up, pissed off, it's crushing inside
Balled up my fists to defend some unwarranted pride
Hating everybody, hating the kids
And I wonder if I'm ever gonna truly be free
Track Name: Comes From Money
You've got your pastel polo and your trumped up family name.
Outside the security gates you know we're all the same.
Yeah, you never worked. Never paid. Never tried.
The power you wield, passed down from the inside.

Comes from money.
The few and the privileged. The keepers of gain.
In dynastic succession, you carry the flame.
Comes from money.
How terrible you must suffer the stain of the poor.
Trampling each other and praying for rain.

Comes from money.
Insulated, they've waited until you were groomed.
Another white face slowly sealing the tomb.
Comes from money.
Better controlled when devout and estranged.
Nobles and Peasants, not much has changed

And the slice will rule the pie.

At the top are dynasties and bloodlines
Private clubs filled with purchased Ivy League degrees
Bred to strengthen, bred to preserve
a class and culture that the rest don't deserve
And at the bottom, and in the middle
I used to think there was an army lying in wait - But there's
No revolution, and there's no hope
We deserve this subjugation, we deserve this sorry fate
Let them keep us stupid, let them keep us fat, let them divide us
By making us so willing to condemn
Let them fucking wind us up
so we're too turned on each other to ever turn on them.
Track Name: The Long Con
Legislate morality. Legislate love.
And you proselytize to multiple cultures a single word from above
Legislate normality. Legislate birth.
Assure and deny prosperity, based on one's net worth.

The architects. The calculation. The brilliance. The long con.

Empowering the enemy you vote against yourself
Science is an evil, jeopardize the public health
Victims of rape carry "blessings from god"
Say that doctors should die, watch the masses applaud
There's one way to love and all others will burn,
But the church's indiscretions are not your concern
You'd think we'd get smarter, but we never learn
We never learn, it's a long con
Track Name: Seven Billion Savages
Say you're innocent? No one is innocent.
A fact recognized by the first to cast stones.
You know in that way we're all the same.

Inherit evil? Inherent evil.
Pretend until the end because you think there'll be a sequel.
You know we are all Abel as Cain.

It's just a matter of time.

It's in our blood, the kill.
War is all we know.
It's in our brains, the rage.
War is all we know.

How will we make it through the fucking day again?
Wear the suit, get the check, fume behind a grin.
All struggling to reconcile the murderers within.
Most of us don't crack. Demons dressed as men.

War is all we know.

Unfurrow the brow, unclench the fist, always appear relaxed.
Take ten deep breaths when the urge arises to attack.
Each of us afraid the next will see beyond the mask.
Most of us don't crack. Most of us don't crack.

Oh, but some of us do.
And when push comes to shove, will you?
Is it just a matter of time before we cross that line?
It's just a matter of time before we cross that line.